Ugly Red

Blood coming to the surface of the skin…bright red.

Dryin almost as fast as it comes out.
Easy to cut, hard to deal

Always feeling the anger

Ugly is the only word tha comes to mind.

Trying to be happy

It never happends

Filled with pain

Uneasiness takes over your mind

Loving yourself is so far away

Beautiful is Lost in the words that always seem to miss me

Love Lost

Love is lost never to be found
It slowly faded away.
Two hearts now beat separate instead of together
Realizing its leaves you hurt.
Leaves your torn.
What once felt like heaven now feels like hell
Screaming and yells, tears in the evening. Wet pillows. Makeup smudged.
Meaningless kisses. Meaningless hugs.
Nothing feels like love.
Love is lost never to be found.
Will it ever return

Love lost. Love lost.

Dancing in your dreams

Your in love with a girl like me
That simply can not be
Without a doubt I’m broken from the inside out
I still believe love is real.
It dances in my dreams at night.
I may not talk but I know what I want
I may not show affection but I promise you I want you forever more.
I may not be perfect but I’m good at heart.
Every word I say to you is like art. Carefully crafted and oh so deep. Words I dream of every time I close my eyes and see you.
You do not see it
You do not want it
You do not believe
And for that our love will never be real.